How To Qualify GATE 2021 Exam & Why 95% of People Fail in GATE, ESE, PSU Exam?

How To Qualify GATE Exam & Why 95% of People Fail in GATE, ESE, PSU Exam
The actual Gate preparation should begin from the time when the basic lessons are covered in the teaching year exams. If You are freshers or you want to qualify The GATE Exam with the top 10 AIR Rank then start your GATE Exam preparation wite Best GATE Study Materials. While preparing for the one you should feel the extra boost of reading each day! Last year’s papers are very important to practice as they give you an idea of ​​the GATE papers itself.
Mock testing is essential to practice and how to get rid of stupid mistakes. Not working references in the actual GATE exam. No institution can do really basic questions. They do a lot of formula-based questions with any help on GATE, Basic learning through standard textbooks, through mentors and formal evening exams, is key to success on GATE.
I personally was preparing the GATE paper for the year 2019 and never received less than 78 marks in Test series or sample papers but ended up with 67 in the main exams. You can now see the Performance of the test that no one talks about effortlessly but you see the Performance alone. 
Universal’s truth is that this man who has failed many times in the same field has had similarly great experiences. But no one at this time is trying to accept this fact.
In the last 7 to 8-year race in GATE, as we can see its increasing in numbers. Students have started preparing for years, There was a time when a student was eligible for GATE.
Another reason is that IIT and NIT students are also interested in GATE. People who just disassemble GATE once and work on other PSU also participate in GATE to find Navratna companies or if they don’t get a good choice in the area for the first time. (Many PSU sometimes offer remote workstations)
Most people who prepare for Community Services also give Gate, as the time required for public service repairs will take 2 to 3 years and at a time they do not want to be unemployed. So the best choice for them is to get a PSU from GATE and prepare afterward.
You can imagine the status of one student in the final year participating in this competition for the first time with a student who has already cracked the exam for good rank last year.
So questions that can be said about adjustment, it’s a difficult game-changing task here. Everyone works hard, everyone takes the same classes and references the same notes and books. So to be successful in the GATE game one has to work hard.
GATE is not the only exam that tests your knowledge over a particular branch of subjects. It will also check your mental presence. Knowing how bad you were going through and being tested on GATE.
You have to plan your lesson after an analysis of the GATE year papers. This will give you an idea of ​​which subject usually has the highest weight on the GATE exam and on the topics asked in a particular topic. After the analysis of the previous year’s papers, you will be able to make the list of topics to be read more importantly. You will also be able to set aside time to read each of the articles. Just Follow listed tips and tricks to get your GATE Exam Score Under Top 10 Rank List.
1) first do a complete analysis for your GATE Exam Syllabus.
2) Try to prepare an analytical topic followed by a descriptive essay. You can also consider making notes, marking/highlighting an important part of reading material.
3) Never associate an analytical topic with a descriptive topic (you cannot read unless your mind is focused). But you can mix (or bring in) a simple topic when you’re tired of a difficult topic.
4) Every single hour, you continue to change the subject as it moves through the second and third points (when you read something boring, difficult or fun.).
5) Before starting the next lesson, take a five-minute break (which will improve your understanding).
6) Try telling others basic ideas.
7) Have questions for five to six years, and have a mock test (weekend).
8) Then compare your answers to the correct ones (and then continue to look for improvement or failures).
9) You should never be distracted by your mind despite so many variations.
10) You should keep “some fun things” to change your mood and slow down your mind. You can use break time to watch songs and stories on TV (breaking monotony).
11) You can take the help of some fun background music (if needed).
12) Don’t waste time on unnecessary conversations, criticizing one.
13) Avoid eating junk food (anything against the body).
14) Cultivate the habit of ‘living in the present’.
15) Drink plenty of water (at least 2 to 3 liters a day).
16) You can often have fresh fruit juice or butter.
17) Always have a new way of looking at things.
18) Talk to experienced people.
19) Avoid repairs overnight (i.e., never burn midnight oil).
20) Get up early, and start your preparation after ‘Yoga’ and ‘Pranaayaama’.
21) Keep a journal/track of your study habits.
22) Accept failure (if any), because it will be a stepping stone to success.
23) A smile doesn’t cost anything, but it is very rewarding. So keep smiling.
24) You should know that you are working for a large, which you should always follow for “PULL SYSTEM” (and never follow the ‘push program’).
25) Keep in mind and thank the ‘Almighty’ for whatever you have been able to accomplish that day.
26) Be careful with all the above steps and success will follow.


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