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Affiliates Program Terms and benefits
  • Basic Users: Sales up to or Below 20 Products per month will in the List of Basic Users and they will get Affiliate Commission of 12 % (percent) per Product sale.
  • Premium Users: Sales Over or More Than 21 Sales per Month will in the List of Premium Users and they will get Affiliate Commission of 16 % (percent) per Product sale.
  • For each referral, You will receive 12% to 16% of referred Sold items amount.
  • Your Total Earnings will be visible in the Affiliate Client Dashboard Panel.
  • Affiliate links Browser Cookie will be valid up to 60 Days.
  • Payouts will be processed on the Weekly Basis and Your earned Revenue will be sent to your Registered Bank Account Every Sunday.
  • In Case of any unauthorized activity, We have the right to disable your Affiliate Account Permanently.
  • Need Any Help please contact Us
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